2 oct. 2010

Talking Walls

Los graffitis son mucho más que molestias para los vecinos cuyas paredes son tomadas sin
permiso como lienzos en blanco para artistas anónimos, son muestras de la realidad social y política diaria, una realidad que muchas veces no es reflejada en otros medios. Como ya paso tantas veces antes, es una forma de arte aún incomprendida, por eso los invito a aprender de los errores de la humanidad y empezar a ver con nuevos ojos los graffitis. Hay mucho más que pintura en aerosol detrás de ellos.
A continuación, algunos graffitis en mi querida ciudad como invitación a la reflexión.
Graffitis are much than problem to the neighbors whose walls are taken without permission as canvas for anonymous artists, they are a reflection of our social reality and politics, a reality that most of the times are not reflected by other media. As it happened before, it is an misunderstood form of art, that is why I invite you to learn from humanity mistakes and start seeing graffitis with new eyes. There is so much more than spray paint behind them.
Next, some graffitis in my beloved town as an invitation to reflexion.

(Being poor is no crime)

(Little suggestion for sons of b1tch: Follow your leader)

(While media keeps lying walls will keep speaking)

( We don't have words to tell your eyes, what century do you come from? Is it maybe the ancient child that dissolve his body in the oblivion or of that brief happiness that only his everlasting look in the search of new eyes to drink the light that pushes the world? )

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