8 feb. 2011

Pastel Color Hair/ Cabello Pastel. Yay/Nay?

Pastel Hair: Yay or Nay?

Hace un tiempo venimos viendo en editoriales de moda, celebrities y desfiles está tendencia. A algunos les puede parecer un disparate y yo personalmente no me veo con esto (ya tuve mi incursión en los colores locos a los 15 y fue suficiente) pero tengo que admitir me gusta! Es una mezcla entre girly y punk y nadie puede objetar que es menos natural que algunos colorados que se ven por ahí. Además hoy existen en el mercado productos lavables y extensiones de colores así que no hay grandes riesgos. ¿Y a ustedes que les parece? ¿Lo usarían o les parece too much?

We’ve been seeing this trend for a while at fashion editorials, celebrities and fashion shows. For some it may seem crazy and I personally don’t see myself with this ( I’ve already had pink hair when I was 15 and it’s enough for me) but I have to admit I like it! It’s a mix between girly and punk and nobody can say it’s less natural than some of the red hair we’ve seen around. Besides, today there are available washable products and color extensions so there are not big risks. And what do you think about this? Would you wear it or it’s too much?

Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette

Natalia Antolin-Verano 2011/Summer 2011

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ATW dijo...

hey i just came across your blog & i like it ! :)
i think that pink hair isn't necessary to do in order to follow a trend or something. it shows courage, no doubt about that, but i can't take it serious.
hope you can stop by at my blog some time!
xxx love


Romina dijo...

Descubri tu blog y me encanto! Seguime en www.miniplaceres.blogspot.com
Beso, Romina.

TheStrawberryFields dijo...

Thanks for coming over doll i love Kellys hair my hair is too dark to do that but if i could i would x

Amy dijo...

I think it's a really playful way to play around with color... but I think it'd be hard to pull off in an everyday, serious sort of way. Gorgeous on the runway and in editorials... but maybe not realistic.